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If you are searching for places that buy silver near Boca Raton, then give us a call. We purchase silver flatware, silver jewelery and more.

Best Place that Buys Silver near Boca Raton

Do you need cash quickly? Selling silver is one of the most simple and effective ways to generate extra income in a hurry. What’s more: you probably have silver jewelry that you never wear in your collection or silver flatware taking up space around your kitchen, garage or attic right now. When you are ready to turn your clutter into capital, sell directly to our team at Precious Metals Reclaiming Service. For over 75 years and counting, consistently delivering top dollar payments with exceptional customer service has helped differentiate us from other places that buy silver near Boca Raton and throughout Florida.

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Experienced and Honest Silver Buyers

When you work with our team of silver buyers, you can expect a selling experience that is both profitable and professional. Our appointment-only format ensures that you receive a level of personalized attention that simply cannot be found at other places that buy silver near Boca Raton. Your silver jewelry, flatware and other items are tested and weighted on site to promote complete transparency. We calculate your compensation by applying these measurements to our generous rate on silver. Payment is made immediately and in full. As soon as a deal is reached, we will write you a check for the agreed upon figure.

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Places that Buy Silver Near Boca Raton

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What Is Your Silver Worth?

If you want the most money for your silver, sell direct to Precious Metals Reclaiming Service. We regularly beat prices offered by online private buyers and auction websites as well as local pawn shops, jewelry stores and other places that buy silver near Boca Raton, Florida. Cash in on your silver rings, silver necklaces, silver bracelets and other pieces of silver jewelry. We also pay full value for complete sterling silver flatware sets and collections of mismatched sterling silverware. Schedule an appointment to have your items appraised at our convenient West Palm Beach location to see just how much your silver is worth.

Our reputation as the go-to place that buys silver near Boca Raton and across the region is built, in part, on positive customer feedback. Roxanne R. expresses her satisfaction on Yelp, “I had an excellent experience with Jake. He was very knowledgeable, forthcoming and professional. The highest prices and best service in South Florida. I highly recommend this company.”

Another reviewer shares their experience, “Very professional, attentive and affable towards customers! I had some questions that were quickly answered, so I gained some great information thanks to this company. Most importantly, they'll have the best prices for your scrapped precious metals. Earned 5 stars and is definitely worth checking out!”

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