Get Paid Cash For Your Sterling Silver Flatware in Florida! Sell Direct & Get Paid More

Get Paid Cash For Sterling Silver Flatware!

If you want to sell silver in Florida, then give us a call. We purchase silver flatware, silver jewelery and more.

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Silver jewelry, silver flatware and other items comprises of silver are acquired for both their timeless beauty and functionality as well as their tendency to appreciate in value. Effectively cashing in on your collection requires working with a silver buyer that you can trust. When local collectors as well as jewelers and other professionals want to sell silver, they rely on our team at Precious Metals Reclaiming Service. We have been providing top dollar payments to our customers for over 50 years and counting. In addition to our generous rate on silver, exceptional customer has helped our family business stand out from other places that buy silver in Florida.

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More Money for Your Silver

You can comparison shop at all of the places that buy silver in Florida to discover what makes Precious Metals Reclaiming Service the go-to choice — or you can save yourself time and money by simply selling direct to us. We regularly pay more than our competitors for silver rings, silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver bracelets and other pieces of silver jewelry. Our experienced silver buyers also specialize in complete sets of silver flatware and mixed assortments of silver dinnerware. You may be surprised to learn just how much the silver that was laying around your home, office or storage space is worth.

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Places that Buy Silver in Florida

Sell Sterling Silver Flatware in Florida Today. Call at (561) 686-7004.

Hassle-Free Silver Selling

At Precious Metals Reclaiming Service, we make the process of selling your silver as professional and pleasant from start to finish. Our expert silver buyers test your materials on-site to determine their exact composition of silver or sterling silver. We then weigh your items on precision scales. Your compensation is calculated by applying these measurements to our silver rate. Payment is made immediately and in full. Schedule an appraisal appointment at our convenient Lake Worth Beach location today. Skip other places that buy silver in Florida and work with the best.

We take great pride in positive customer feedback. Matt N. describes what makes us the best place to sell silver in Florida for him, “I brought in old silver flatware that I wasn't 100% sure was all silver. They took the time to answer all my random questions while checking everything for me. It was my first time there and I was still treated like I have been coming there for years. Great service and friendly people. I have a few miscellaneous silverware pieces left, and I will drive the extra 10 miles to Precious Metals Reclaiming Service in Lake Worth Beach, definitely!”

On Yelp, Mike N. shares a similar experience, “We had some sterling silver that was collecting dust in our home, so I searched for a way to sell it at a reasonable price. We found Precious Metals Reclaiming Service from an internet search and read the reviews. They gave us a fair price and were very friendly! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a way of disposing of any precious metals at a good price and with great customer service.”

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